Become a Marketer for D'Freshly and make passive income!

How it works

1. Register your details
Click the "Register Now" button and fill out the form

2. You get a unique ID number
Use this ID to create links to our website.
Let's say you get number 7. Then you simply add "?m=7" to the link like this:

3. Post your link on social media
Post your link on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and so on. The more posts you make, the better are your chances

4. You "Own" any customer that clicks it
Any person that clicks your link is your client - for lifetime!

5. If they make an order, you make money
From orders they make from D'Freshly, you will be earning 1% from the Net Sales.

Example: You have 200 clients. They each make 1 order per week worth of P1,500 for their Fresh Grocery need, then your payout will be following:
Monthly Payout: ₱12,000
Yearly Payout: ₱144,000

Imagine you can start this without paying or investing any money for that. All you need to do is Sign Up, get your own unique link, and then Post it in your FB or in any group you joined in FB. It's just as simple as that. Opportunity come once only in Lifetime and you have nothing to lose for this, so grab your own faith now by clicking the Register Button Below. God Bless.

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